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Monday, April 14, 2003

YES, all four wars

Some poor idiot named (??) Robert Price apparently posted comments to one of Varsha Bhosle's articles. And in doing so, all but invited Varsha to slam his feet into his own mouth.

This Robert Price person tried to indicate how Pakistan has "won" all the four wars that it has fought against India and how Pakistan's brilliant military strategies (ahem!) have had India begging to the world asking its help to rein in Pakistan.

Varsha Bhosle delivers a point-by-point rebuttal buttressed with references that no one can refute. And thus, she blasts Robert Price's argument into nothingness. I am tempted to quote some of Varsha's best (and sweet-sounding to my Indian ears) arguments, but I'll just quote the final remarks that she makes. I urge you to go and read the full article.
I'm sooo tired of gloating now. Maybe another day I'll tell you what the Indian Army was up against in Kargil... NO! I don't mean Paki "valour"; I refer to terrain and climate. But this article's been long. But, that's the nature of Indian Defence: We may take long, but we make a comprehensive kill in one stroke -- like the kukri to the NLI throat.
NLI refers to Pakistan's Northern Light Infantry which was wiped out completely during their foolhardy adventure atop the mountain peaks in Kargil and Drass.
Woohooo!!... Way to go Varsha!!


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