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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Iraq's UN ambassador says 'game is over'
In the first admission by an Iraqi official that US-led forces have seized control of Baghdad, the country's ambassador to the United Nations said, "The game is over" and hoped Iraqis would have a peaceful life.
Amen to that! Lets hope that we have seen/heard the last of Saddam Hussein.

Though that may just be wishful thinking. If the question that haunted people all over the world in the past few weeks was "Where is Raed?" then the one that'll certainly haunt the people in the coming weeks would be "Where is Saddam?"

Appearing on 60 Minutes on CBS, Said Aburish, one of Saddam Hussein's biographers said (when asked if Saddam could have escaped before Baghdad fell),
“I don’t think that’s ever a consideration for Saddam Hussein,” says Aburish. “That would have given away everything he ever stood for. He had this preoccupation from the time he was in his 20s: ‘I belong in this page of Arab history.’ Going down with Baghdad, going down with the ship completes him.”

According to Aburish, who has studied Saddam for decades, the most important thing in life for this Iraqi leader is to be remembered by the Arabs as another Saladin, the Muslim warrior who triumphed over the Crusaders 800 years ago.
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Sources in the British intelligence have been quoted saying that though Saddam was almost certainly in the targeted building at some point, he was "probably" not there when the bombs were dropped.

So that means, just like Elvis, Saddam has left the building!


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