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Monday, April 14, 2003

Syria may become an American military target if it was found to be harbouring Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, according to a senior Pentagon adviser.

He said that if such weapons were found on Syrian soil: "I'm quite sure we would have to respond to that".
[link via Metafilter]
Mr. Richard Perle, I think you and your idiot pretzel-fearing boss could do better by using all your resources to try and find any proof of those WMDs in Iraq first. Warheads with traces of nerve agent don't count if you are trying to justify invasion of a country.

So, before you talk about doing an Iraq on Syria, first attend to the business that you've left unfinished in the last year or so... viz. finiding Osama, finding WMDs in Iraq, etc.

And if anyone thinks this is an anti-American view... think again! This is just an anti-idiotarian view!


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