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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Bharateeya Blog Mela

Amidst drumrolls and blowing trumpets and the clash of cymballs, let me announce the unveiling of this week's Blog Mela which is in its seventh edition this time around.

Jayakrishnan Nair clinically dissects Arundhati Roy's arguments on the war, US and Saddam. Easily the most-nominated post of this Blog Mela.
And in another of his posts, Jayakrishnan argues why we could have reasons to suspect the motives of an organization that supposedly represents the interests of Indo-Americans in the US.

Niraj lays bare the hypocrisy of some of the students of Stanford University who want to disassociate the University's name from the Hoover Institution under the pretext that Hoover Institution is composed of war-mongers and the association stifles "academic freedom".

Jyotsna Kamat talks about Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya on the occasion of her birth centennial, giving us an informative insight into the life and work of this multi-faceted lady who was a trade-unionist, a revolutionary, a reformer, a great patron of arts, an accomplished writer (she has authored twelve books), an orator, and a freedom fighter - a truly amazing Indian woman.

Kingsley makes a profound discovery as he has iron and dates on his mind (to know what that means, you ought to read the post!) ;-)

Swami (April 7 post. Permalinks not working.) makes an interesting point about how conflict, disagreement, argument and even war are essentially parts of an equilibrium.

Sankar Narayan (April 3 post. Permalinks not working) has an interesting insight into the impacts of the Iraq war on the Indian IT industry.

Vikas Kamat traces the history of the Khilafat Movement and its place in the Indian freedom movement in an insightful post. As the person who nominated this post pointed out, "More people should be aware of the story."

Rohini (April 8 post, titled "Your name in the Headlines". Permalinks not working.) attacks the concept of "news-selling" that has been embraced by some newspapers recently, notably The Times of India.

Anita (April 5 and April 8 posts. Permalinks not working.) posts some of her delightful memories of her trip, as she talks about her long walks at Auroville or when she bemoans the "efficiency" of the Railways booking system at the Howrah Railway Station in Kolkata.

Dina Mehta observes the importance of colour in the way it is a reflection of our emotional states, moods, attitudes, personality, society - in short, any form of human existence.

Yazad (April 2 post. Permalinks not working.) discovers a deep philosophical insight while watching a TV serial.

And that folks, was a roundup of some of this week's hand-picked blogs from the Indian Blogworld!!

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