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Friday, November 01, 2002

Quizzically Yours... and Season's Greetings!!

Today morning, I was on a quiz taking spree! I'll just write about the results of some of the quizzes I took.

The first one was Which dwarf are you?, obviously inspired by Suku whose latest blog referred to this quiz. According to this quiz, I'm Happy! ...(the dwarf!!). ;-)

Here are few other insights about me... quiz-ishtyle!...

Which breed of dog are you? : I'm a German Shepherd!!

Are you a loony? : Not nearly as nutty as a fruitcake — but maybe giving Pralines 'n' Cream a run for its money — I'm the perfect mix of impulse and restraint!!

Which music genre fits you? : I'm Rap!!

So which of The Simpsons character are you? : I'm supposed to be Smithers!!

What does your inner ghost tell you? : Each day is a wonderful, strange unfolding clue. Exciting, original, creative, alive...you're happy and curious about life, and love to flirt with the Unknown. You're at ease with the Intangible, and ready for what awaits!!

What's my Pirate name? : Avast, ye landlubbers!!... for I'm Black James Rackham!!

What makes you happy? : Creative and idealistic, you love to imagine new insights and speculations. You have an intense need to experience novel patterns of thought. Often you engage in writing, keeping a diary, creating psychological theories, and the like. You also desire to evove a deep, spiritual connection to sensitive people like yourself!

What spooky being are you? : I'm a Loveland Frog!! ... (is that spooky?!!)

How mad are you? : I'm 79% mad!!... It further goes on to say... "you are extremely intelligent and very wise. you think logically and rhetorically in order to get problems solved. if you're not mad now, you're getting very close"!!

What cartoon superhero are you? : I'm Batman!! ... yaaayyy!!

What cute creature are you? : I'm a monkey!! ... duhh!!... I didn't need a quiz to tell me that!!;-)

What kind of a monkey are you? : I'm the see-no-evil monkey!!... Furthermore it says... "At your heart you are a hedonist with a great imagination and verve for life."

What's your theme song? : It's supposed to be One day more from the musical Les Misérables!!

What Peanuts character are you? : I'm Linus!!... incidentally... I'm a huge Linux fan and consider Linus Torvalds to be God!!

Whew!!... that was a lot of quizzes, wasn't it?! :-)

So, before I signoff... probably for the weekend (bcos Diwali's here and I would be mighty busy with family!!)... lemme wish you all wonderful people a very very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to you and your family!!... have lots of fun, eat lots of sweets, and be careful with those crackers!!! :-)

Happy Diwali

cheers!! :-)


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