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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Indiatimes is Connecting people...
One of my colleagues wants to buy a new cell-phone. He's bored with his Siemens C35. So, yesterday he decided to check out a few new models and their prices. So he hopped over to the Indiatimes Auctions site since he was not averse to buying a second-hand piece.

He was looking for a Nokia model. I suggested Nokia 3650, just because of its unconventional looks and colour display. He liked it but he kept on searching some more.

That is when he landed up on an auction for the stunning Nokia 6800. It was going for Rs. 36000. My colleague had never seen this particular model before so he read through all the impressive features that 6800 boasted. At the end of the features-list was the customary link to the picture of the piece being auctioned. It said, 'see picture'. Click on it to see this strange Nokia 'model'.

Boy!... if I get one of those, I sure don't know which are the right buttons to push!


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