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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Ladies, gentlemen and the rest... I'm pleased to announce the 17th edition of the Bharateeya Blog Mela. Without further ado, let us dive into the murky depths of the Indian Blogosphere (hah! kidding!!) and uncover some pearls to hold aloft and admire!

Rohini kicks off this week's Blog Mela with a post on something that everyone of us has experienced sometime or the other. She wonders... even though Indian call centres are supposed to be The Good Ones amongst them all, why, then, do we have to face the music?!

In Rick Nightmares, Anita relives some of the nightmares that she has experienced in various Indian cities when it comes to riding the ubiquitous autorickshaws.

On his travels in Kerala, Jayakrishnan Nair notices posters alerting people to the Evils of Globalization, which according to him is contradictory to the facts.

Niraj picks up the thread and tries to expose the Globalization Hypocrites.

In another insightful post, Jayakrishnan Nair tries to explain What Causes Globalization.

Sampada tries to analyse the causes that have led to the decline of the once flourishing Marathi film industry and hopes that it will see better days.

Dina presents the first draft for a Youth Program that she wants to initiate.

In Of Cards - Credit and Debit types [scroll down to the bottom of the page for the post. Dated 16 June 2003], Lazy Lump talks about how we take credit and debit cards for granted nowadays.

Nilesh is perplexed about why the Women of the species are not active in hacking (hacking, not cracking).

A Bharateeya Blog Mela would be incomplete without an entry from Dancing with the dogs!! Shanti talks about the Muslim Personal Law and the reluctance of Muslims to reconcile to the idea of having an Uniform Civil Code in India.

Ind posts an informative post on the Flag Code of India. In another one of her posts, Ind shares a recipe for a Dates and Walnut Cake (yummmmm!)

That brings us to the end of this week's Blog Mela. I hope you enjoyed going through all those interesting posts. The next Bharateeya Blog Mela will be hosted by Yazad on his brand new website at www.yazadjal.com!!



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