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Monday, April 28, 2003

Music finally comes on the Net... legally! EMI posts 140,000 songs for sale online
EMI Group has signed deals to put the bulk of its music catalog on the Web in Europe, in its boldest bid yet to exploit the medium that has threatened to bring the record industry to its knees.

EMI said on Wednesday it was supplying 140,000 songs for download through 20 European digital music distributors including Microsoft's MSN, music channel MTV and retailer HMV.
[link via OnlineBlog]
Hmmm... having brought Napster down to its knees, it was inevitable that the big daddies of the music industry would themselves jump into the fray.

The big players are going to do the same thing as Napster did... although the downloads would cost around £1 per song (which is a stiff price to say the least!). Then an album (which has about 14-15 songs) would cost an exorbitant £15!!

Gee!! these people think they can get away with murder!


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