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Monday, December 02, 2002

Surf's up... in the bay of Google!! ;-)

The surf's up and so I decided to go surfing... ego-surfing!! And here's what I found!...

When you Google on Sameer, what do you think is the first search result?!!... The first result is this site. i.e. ..::Supersam Blogs::..!! ... ummm... did you really expect anything less?! ;-)

Then, if you Google on Supersam, this site comes up as the second search result!! ... Great!!... *LOL*

Tried Googlism?! ... Well, it apparently tells you what Google thinks about you. To check it out, go to www.googlism.com and type in your name (or your friend's name, or even names of your mom, dad, sister, brother or the name of your dog if you like!) and hit the Googlism! button and have a few laughs! Here are a few things that it says about Sameer...

sameer is great
sameer is closest to me
sameer is from a small and beautiful city
sameer is also involved in networking of lighthouses along the west coast of india to provide imporved operation and efficient maintenance of lighthouses
sameer is shown to be an average guy
sameer is so redundant
sameer is just okay
sameer is such a tidy and obedient boy
sameer is a bumbling
sameer is the lost cause
sameer is at his best in "pehla din hai college ka
sameer is a normal happy go lucky chap
sameer is about to declare his love
sameer is here
... and lots more!!

Know what Googlefight is??!... If you don't... go to www.googlefight.com and check it out. Its a place where you can have a fight between two keywords based on the number of results returned by Google for those keywords. I tried matching up my name, Sameer against the name of my best friend, Saurabh. And guess who came out tops?!! ;-) ... moi, mais oui!. I got 93,100 while Saurabh got 35,400 results. hehehe!!

Need any more proof of my world dominance?! ... King Sameer Rulz!!! Hyuk... Hyuk... Hyuk... Hyuk!!!!!



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