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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Sweet news for coffee lovers!

Good news for coffee lovers!! People who drink coffee (caffeinated) regularly, have significantly lower risk of contracting diabetes, even if they are overweight. This is according to a study carried out by the researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health.
The study of 125,000 people suggests that caffeinated coffee -- not caffeine-free -- may affect the body's metabolism in positive ways, the researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health said.

Men who drank more than six cups of full-caffeine coffee a day cut their risk of diabetes by more than half over 12 to 18 years, the study found. Women who drank that much coffee reduced their risk by 30 percent.

Writing in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the researchers said it was not clear what caffeinated coffee does to reduce the risk of type-II or adult-onset diabetes.
Ahaa! thats all the more reason for me to go up to the café on the first floor and order my usual Cafe Mocha!! ;-)


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