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Thursday, November 27, 2003


The topic of 'marriage' seems to be quite a hot one these days. Just this morning, I happened to notice a Metafilter post on the sanctity of marriage. Shortly after that, I came across Jivha's post on '
Does Arranged Marriage matter?'.

'Love Marriage' versus 'Arranged Marriage' is a topic that has been debated, ad nauseam, in the blogging world. With fierce and eloquent proponents on either side, no side has had the last word in the debate and no one ever will!

I have my views and I shall reserve them for a rainy day! ;-)

And then... continuing with the theme of marriages, they're having 12,000 marriages in Delhi alone, today!!

Holy Matrimony!! (I felt this was much more apt as compared to the usual cry of "Holy Cow!!") The mind boggles seeing this figure!!


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