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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Hello World!!

Hello and Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening to all!!

This is Supersam, live, from Stockley Park, London. Its my first post since I landed here in the UK on the 3rd of January, 2004. I hope this post finds you in great health and good humour!! :-)

Stockley Park is where my office is located. However, I'm put up at a nice little comfortable house in a quiet, idyllic town called Hayes which isn't too far from the office.

I'll post a lot more about my trip and my first wekend in UK, but right now, I'm soaking in the brilliant sunshine that has just decided to poke out of the dull and dreary cloud-cover that perennially seems to cover this place. The morning that started off as cold, gray and rainy... has now blossomed into a pleasantly cool morning with clear, azure sky to go alongwith it. So while others have decided to down the drapes to block out the sun, I let them remain open to let the sunlight warm my face as I type out this post with a smile on my lips.

More later! Have a glorious day ahead, folks!! :-)


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