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Saturday, November 15, 2003


It seems the man who's on every Maharashtra politician and policeman's lips these days has contracted a life-threatening illness.

What I fail to understand is how the hell do all the high profile convicts and criminals suddenly have health problems when they're jailed. Some contract "life-threatening" illnesses or some just complain of uneasiness run off to hospitals instead of spending nights in the cells. Do they believe that the public is so naive that their pathetic attempts at avoiding jail are not known to people??!

Looking at it from a different angle... I wonder what the police do inside the cells that hale and hearty convicts suddenly fall so sick. With so many "low-profile" deaths (those of petty criminals... without any pull and power) occurring in custody, one does not have to really wonder!! And in high-profile cases, a "life-threatening" illness will always precede death. Remember the sudden death of biscuit-king Rajan Pillai while in police custody some 8 years ago??


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