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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

If you want an example of putting one's foot in the mouth, look no further! It seems that the "freedom fighters" like the taste of their feet...

On saturday, after he was gunned down after a 11-hour long battle, the Jaish-e-Mohammad spokesman gave a statement that "Ghazi Baba is not dead", and that the Indian BSF's claim was "a bundle of lies".

But then on Sunday, some arrested JeM terrorists were shown his body and they identified the slain militant as Ghazi Baba.

And then finally, on Monday, BSF intercepted a radio broadcast by JeM which announced, in Pakistan, that "The beat of our hearts, the crown of our heads, our beloved commander Ghazi Baba and his deputy have left... May god accept their sacrifice."

Putting the foot in the mouth... JeM style!


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