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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Call for nominations for Bharateeya Blog Mela#26

The 26th edition of the Bharateeya Blog Mela will be hosted here at The Opti Mystic tomorrow, i.e. 29th August 2003.

The directions for nominating entries:

  • Since there was no Mela last week, I will accept entries dated August 16 through August 28.

  • Send an email to sameer @ opti-mystic dot net

  • Drop it as a comment to this post

  • Nominations should reach me by tomorrow (Aug 29) evening, i.e. 5 PM IST

The Rules :

  • Posts must be either written by Indians or focus on India or Indians.

  • Please send the permalinks to the posts rather than the blog URLs. If the permalink does not work, please send the title of the post alongwith the date of that post.

  • You can nominate either your own post or someone else's.

  • All posts except personal jounal entries are allowed to be nominated in a Mela. All the nominated posts shall be included in the Mela without any censoring/editing. A post may be excluded only if it is a personal journal entry.

For more info about the Bharateeya Blog Mela, please visit this detailed post by one of its founding members, Ashwini. You could also head over here to look at the rich archives of past Blog Melas.

So... let the nominations flow!! :-)


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