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Monday, August 25, 2003

There have been four blasts in Mumbai [see updates below for the latest news]. Looks like the cowardly bastards who have no balls to come out into the open have struck again! :-(

Update: It seems the blasts happened just minutes after it was disclosed that the ASI report indicates that there existed a temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya. Interesting!!

Update No. 2: The police now say that there were in fact only two blasts in the city today... not 4 as earlier reported. Strange!

Update No. 3: After intial reports that about 6 to 10 people had died in the blasts, I just refreshed the page and was shocked to see that the official figures put the number of dead at 42 and the number of injured at over 150!!!

The blasts have happened in South Mumbai this time. If the last few blasts were aimed at creating a sense of fear and panic among the common people of Mumbai (by targetting public transport like trains and buses), I'm afraid the target this time around seems to be sending a forceful message to the Government that the terrorists are here.. right at their doorsteps.... and they aren't afraid of anything. Well, at least the Gateway of India blast was definitely to achieve this particular aim. Reports indicate that it was a very powerful blast. Click here for an image of the mangled remains of a car from the parking lot, near the Gateway, in which this blast occurred.

The second blast occurred in the crowded locality of Zaveri Bazar in Kalbadevi which is a predominantly Gujarati locality. And I don't think this is a co-incidence. Moreover, these blasts in South Mumbai also aim to target the financial nerve centre of the metropolis which is not far away from the scene of these blasts. Not since the infamous Bombay Blasts 10 years ago, has the south of Mumbai been singed by the flames of terrorism.

It's terrible!!

Who is to blame for these incidents? Terrorists??... "Foreign (Pakistani) Hand"??... the government??... the police??

What are your thoughts?


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