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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

This is really interesting. Former top cops give their views on two B's... Blasts and Bhujbal. And it seems that all of them except Rebeiro speak like the politicians that they serve.

On being asked, "How do you rate the performance of the police with respect to the blasts?"... some of them have given some answers that are worth scoffing at...
Sahney: I will not blame police. This is a phenomenon that will not stop as long as there are angry people bearing grudges.
Ohh! ... then why have the police at all?! ... Maybe we should have counsellors instead... or meditation courses for these angry people. Maybe that would reduce the terrorist activities.
Soman: I don’t find anything objectionable. In a city like Mumbai with a population of 1.10 crore, it’s difficult for a police force of 40,000 to know everything.
Well... I do concede that there's an iota of truth in what he says... but then Hello Mr. Soman... police need to know most of these things. That's why its called "intelligence"!! Otherwise why would we need police??!

Rebeiro hits the nail right on the head when he says, "They should have more contacts at the grassroots level, because intelligence comes from there.". Now that's common sense stuff. But sadly, its lacking these days. Gone are the days when Mumbai police were the finest in the world. The network of informants that the police maintained then, was huge and almost legendary. But with the passage of time, the job of police was diluted by the politicians. VIP duty meant that the police were guarding the lives of wretched politicians instead of crime detection and prevention. With proximity to the politicians, came frequent contacts with the high flying dons of the underworld. Thus, the grassroots-level informer network was neglected to a large extent. And the word on the street was no longer heard by the police.

Coming back to the point...

On being asked about Chhagan Bhujbal's (Maharashtra Dy. Chief Minister) performance, most of the former top cops refused to comment. Rebeiro however openly said that "This is the worst administration as far as police is concerned.". He also gave Bhujbal a 'zero' on a scale of one to ten!!

That says a lot, doesn't it?!


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