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Monday, May 05, 2003

Severe immune response kills SARS victims
An excessive immune reaction appears to be the fatal factor in patients who die of SARS, according to medical data from Hong Kong.
So, its not necessarily the virus that's claiming the lives of so many people! It's our own body that is kiiling us!! Sever immune reactions can be terrible!! I've once witnessed, first hand, a severe immune reaction and it was terrible to watch!!

Moreover, there is disturbing news as far as the life of the SARS virus is concerned!!
Scientists have also discovered that the SARS virus can remain viable for at least 24 hours after being deposited in a droplet on a plastic surface - a simulation, for example, of an infected person coughing on to the wall of a lift.
In a study in Germany reported by Stöhr, the virus was dropped in liquid on to a plastic surface, the drop was dried, and examined after 24 hours. "There were 10,000 virus units per millitre before, and after 24 hours there were 1000 - and that was viable viruses." [via NewScientist]
Now, the only hope is that we find some way to fight this killer virus before it mutates into something uncontrollable!!


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