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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Every coin has two sides, they say! Well, even if that is true... this is ridiculous!

My friend sent me these links today. The news item in question is not a breaking news story. On the contrary, its an old news.

On Sunday, 12th January 2003, a fire broke out in the premises of National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) in Pune. This news item was reported widely in all kinds of media... print, online, broadcast.

Rediff reported it too. Here's Rediff's version of the incident. Click here.

Our next door neighbours seem to be pretty interested in every single incident in India, that they can proceed to dismantle and twist according to their own whims and fancies. Have a look at this. It's a report of the same fire that had erupted in NCL in Pune on 12th January.

Here are some of the outrageous things that appear in that Paki report...
This facility is used by India to build outlawed biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.
Shudder! Shudder!! ... after Saddam, its gonna be Vajpayee, is it?!!
The fire which engulfed the Organic Technical branch of NCL was brought under control by firefighters after frantic efforts.
Hehe!... notice the subtle sarcasm... frantic efforts! :-))
However, it surprised the world by confessing to maintaining stocks of undeclared chemical biological weapons which she has undertaken to destroy by April 26, 2007.
When was this?!!... I missed this news!! :-P
According to well informed sources, though the CWC prohibits preparation, storage and trade in chemical weapons, India has reportedly continued with the clandestine research and is secretly maintaining stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons in its satellite state, Bhutan, which surprisingly is not a signatory to the CWC. Thus circumventing the controls of United Nations and stockpiling biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.
Oooh!! brilliant reporting! My compliments to the author of this piece!!

So... what do you people think??


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