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Saturday, February 08, 2003

After months and months of waiting and anticipation, it's here!!

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 gets underway today in South Africa today with a glittering opening ceremony at Newlands in Cape Town. The actual matches will start from tomorrow, 9th February, with the hosts South Africa taking on the West Indies.

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Check out my little World Cup site here. Its got a world cup weblog that I'm maintaining with my friend Abhijeet, where you'll find world cup news, team reviews, match previews, match reviews, views, etc. (right now there isn't much, but it'll be built as the time goes by). It also sports other features like schedule, teams, trivia, etc. However the primary reason for putting up the site was running a little world cup contest. You can check out the contest here. You can check out the rules and if it interests you, you can then proceed to enter the contest. But I have to confess that in the absence of time and inclination, I have made the most primitive submission form ever. It relies on the user's default mail client to email the selection to a mail account from where the teams are manually entered in the competition. If you don't have a mail client configured by default, then you can email your team in the format specified on this address. The cut-off date/time for sending in the entries is the morning of 9th February, IST. So, send in your entries ASAP. Well, there aren't any prizes except the pride of being better at predictions than the others. :-P

And of course, unlike the much hyped Super Selector, this contest does not charge money for participation! ;-)
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From today, I'm starting a new feature on this blog for the duration of the World Cup. There, at the top of the blog, you'll see a box with interesting World Cup tidbits, trivia and/or any sensational news.

Ok, then... let the World Cup roll!!


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