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Friday, January 31, 2003

I'm extremely proud and excited to announce that my friend, a classmate, from my schooldays is going to represent India at the British Formula Ford 1800 Zetec series. He and his two team-mates have been selected from India by the reputed Peter Chambers Racing Team from Britain. British Formula Ford is the racing series, that is considered to be a very promising stepping stone to the super exclusive Formula One circuit. What makes this even more exciting and prestigious is that, the only other Indian to have been previosuly selected to represent India at this racing series has been Narain Karthikeyan.

Amit Kowli (my friend), Rohan Kowli (his younger bro) and Kunal Shah form the trinity that comprises of the REVS MOTORSPORT TEAM. These three have great racing credentials, having mastered the Karting circuits in India. Now they set their sights on the Formula Ford championships, considered by many experts as the first step towards the Formula One dream. Of course, there are lots more milestones to achieve and many steps to take before that happens. There are still circuits like Formula Renault, Formula Three, etc. to go before the big league. But they have taken the first step and that is the most important thing, especially in a country like India where the racing infrastructure is next to being absent.

Currently, REVS MOTORSPORT TEAM is being sponsored by Inter-Gold (the world no. 2 in the diamond market) with tie-ups with firms like GEM and Percept-Dmark. But the team is looking out for more sponsors as racing in Britain is a very expensive affair. If any of you belong to or know of any companies that sponsor motorsport or any sporting events, then the team would appreciate if you could put them through to your company's contacts. Here is the contact address of the team.

Right now, Amit and his team-mates are busy participating in 12-hour endurance races, on the advice of Narain Karthikeyan. Amit and Rohan (both qualified architects) like to practice at the Landmarc Citi karting course at Worli in Mumbai. They build up stamina and strength by jogging twice a day and do cardio workouts to build strength in arms, legs and necks. Their diet too is strict. But they don't mind it. Amit says, "So what if we don't get to eat burgers, not many guys our age can get to race internationally, representing their country, do they?".

Now you see... why I was proud and excited. After all, how many guys my age can boast of friends who race internationally, representing their country?? ;-)


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