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Friday, June 18, 2004

The TIME of Blogs has come

The Jun 21 2004 issue of TIME introduces its readers to Joe Blog. It finally jumps onto the bandwagon of news/media sites who've recognized the widespread appeal of Weblogs.
"Why are more and more people getting their news from amateur websites called blogs? Because they're fast, funny and totally biased."


"What makes blogs so effective? They're free. They catch people at work, at their desks, when they're alert and thinking and making decisions. Blogs are fresh and often seem to be miles ahead of the mainstream news."


"They represent — no, they are — the voice of the little guy. And the little guy is a lot smarter than big media might have you think. Blogs showcase some of the smartest, sharpest writing being published. Bloggers are unconstrained by such journalistic conventions as good taste, accountability and objectivity — and that can be a good thing."


"In a way, blogs represent everything the Web was always supposed to be: a mass medium controlled by the masses, in which getting heard depends solely on having something to say and the moxie to say it."


"We may be in the golden age of blogging, a quirky Camelot moment in Internet history when some guy in his underwear with too much free time can take down a Washington politician."

[link via Metafilter]
But we all knew that, didn't we? ;-)


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