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Thursday, June 17, 2004

And now Rediff too!!!

It's raining GigaBytes!!!

Rediff.com became the largest email storage provider in India when it announced that it will provide 1 GB space to its free users and 2 GB space to its premium users (a 200 times increase in email space)!!

With Google and Yahoo! already down the 1 GB route, it was natural for an Indian email provider to follow them on that route.

Now, the ball is well and truly in Google's court as it needs to put its GMail service out for public use, before every Tom, Dick and Harry starts offering email space in GBs!! Moreover, GMail needs to stand out with some really exclusive features for people to opt for it. Otherwise, it will be hard-pressed to attract new users who would already be enjoying the sudden glut in email space!


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