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Friday, May 28, 2004

The chameleon changes its colours

The chameleon who changes his colours every time a new government comes into power in Delhi, has done it once again!

He has laid the blame of his party's debacle in Andhra Pradesh, squarely on the shoulders of BJP, the party which helped him change the perception of Andhra Pradesh throughout the world.

While political commentators and poll analysts throughout the country have been unanimous in their criticism of Naidu for his over-ambitious emphasis on technology while being ignorant of the masses living in poverty in Andhra Pradesh, Naidu is unapologetic in his blame on the BJP...
In his address, on the concluding day of the two-day 'Mahanadu,' the party's annual convention, Naidu said the Muslim community was alienated from the TDP because of the Godhra incident, though he was the first Chief Minister to have demanded the ouster of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

He also said that the TDP suffered the wrath of Christians due to anti-conversion bill and other measures proposed by the NDA government at the Centre to regulate the funds received by Christian organisations, though his party had nothing to do with there decisions.
So the great, progressive minded CEO of AP has sunk to the depths of vote-bank politics after all!!

Such a slimey pseud!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Naidu is at least partly right. The question to ask is if he thought those were important reasons, why did he stick with the BJP?

Why not show the courage of your convictions and break the alliance *before* the elections?

Sameer has the right answer -- vote bank politics. Naidu thought the votes the BJP would bring in would more than offset any loss of Muslim or Christian votes. Unfortunately he calculated wrong. So now we get to hear his excuses.


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