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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Jailhouse Rock

Having suffered embarrassment and condemnation from all quarters, George W. Bush decided to close the huge Abu Ghraib prison, terming it as a symbol of the brutality of Saddam Hussein's regime.

The logic of both, the timing as well as the reasoning behind the demolition, escape me!

First of all, it was the American soldiers who did all the torturing which has led to the situation that Bush finds himself into. So, its strange that he chooses to demolish the structure instead of dealing with the people involved.

Also, it is not as if there's a huge groundswell in Iraq in favour of demolishing the prison. Such a public opinion, if it exists, is in the US rather than in Iraq! So, what Bush essentially is trying to do is to play to the galleries at home, rather than do something towards the aspirations of the Iraqis. Most Iraqis seem to be wondering why the prison has to go instead of the people staffing it!

Bush also mentioned that United States would fund the bulding of a new prison after the June 30 deadline for handing over limited governing authority to the Iraqis. Now, one wonders if this isn't just an exercise for the benefit of US contractors!!

And finally, if the abuse and ill-treatment of prisoners in American prisons is publicized, would George W. Bush go around the country knocking down these prisons and building new ones in their places!?!


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