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Thursday, May 20, 2004


Being the Johnny-come-lately that I am, it took me long... but hey!!... now I finally am on Gmail!!

yayyy!! :-)

sameer dot gharat at gmail dot com

Whatever am I going to do with 1000 MB!?!

Update: People have come out with Gmail Swap, a website dedicated to help people trade in gmail accounts/invitations! There are people who are offering absolutely wacky stuff just to get a gmail account ... from photos of 'cute toes' to a week's worth of drinks in Barcelona!! :-D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sameeeeeeeeer, I want gmail too. Please please please. *pout*
- Preeti

12:28 AM

Blogger Sameer said...

Lemme just figure out if and how I can invite friends... and you will be the first one! :-)

12:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yaaaay! :DD
Promise? Don't forget, ok? :D

3:50 AM

Blogger Sameer said...

of course Preeti! ... koi shaq? :-)

9:33 AM


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