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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Warrant against the President!!

If you thought that the judiciary was perhaps the last bastion of righteouness, then it might, perhaps, surprise and dissapoint you to know that an obscure journalist in Gujarat managed to have warrants issued against the President of India (APJ Abdul Kalam), Chief Justice of India (VN Khare) and Supreme Court judges (BP Singh and RK Jain) without any case against them, by bribing a metropolitan magistrate in Ahmedabad through local lawyers.

On being made aware of this bizarre judicial order, Chief Justice Khare said...
"What is happening in Gujarat? By giving Rs 40,000, you can obtain a judicial order? If this is the state of affairs, only God knows what will happen to the country,"
Well... thats the question that every one in India seems to be asking... for a long time now!


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