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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

World Markets Research Centre (WMRC) has published the inaugural WMRC Global Terrorism Index. This index apparently assesses the risk of terrorism in 186 countries and against these countries' interests abroad, and ranks them.

The hard copy of the rankings is available for USD 1500 (!!!). But they gave some information during their press release.

Check this out for further details.

Colombia tops the list with Israel following close behind. Pakistan comes in at no. 3 while the mighty US of A is ranked as the 4th riskiest country in the world as far as terrorist threats are concerned. Phillipines follows next while UK is housed at No. 10 (not Downing street!)

No information is available about India, which means it does not figure prominently in the top spots... which is good! But I wonder how many terrorist attacks has Pakistan had to suffer in recent times?! Or... Colombia for that matter!!

[link via Metafilter]


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