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Thursday, August 14, 2003

I was on a whirlwind tour of all the blogs on my blogroll (been a long time since I did that, actually!). I'm linking some of the interesting posts that I encountered...

Shanti ponders over the very concept of religion. I'm sure there will be a good amount of discussion on this one. :-)

Dina talks about some of the wonders of blogs.

Ravikiran looks beneath the surface of the currently raging Cola controversy. Anita on the other hand wonders at the fuss that is being created. She quotes an article from the Times which indicates the impurities that our daily foodstuffs may contain. (Icecream, they say, may contain washing powder!!... No wonder I feel washed out... both, on the inside as well as in my wallet, when I have icecream!!)

Arun has an interesting anecdote which illustrates why the practice of filling out feedback forms in restaurants is useless.

Gaurav seems to be in a pretty poetic/shayaraana mood these days! :-)

Rohini's post informed me that yesterday (13th August) was Left-Handers' Day!! So, in case you are a left-handed person, let me take this opportunity to wish you (albeit, belatedly) A Happy Left-Handers' Day!! :-D
Do you know that while a right-handed person uses more of the left-side of the brain, the left-handed people use both the hemispheres of the brain more or less to equal quantities. Also, since the left side of the body is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, left-handed people make more use of the right side of the brain than their right-handed counterparts. The right-hemisphere of the brain controls creativity and intelligence. :-)

Deepali muses a little about drain-drain and brain-gain before ending the post with a lovely poem.

Ahem!... this turned out to be something like a personal Blog Mela. *LOL*
But its essentially just a round up of today's (or yesterday's at the most!) posts from the people who are on my blogroll. By the way, I'm going to revamp the blogroll and remove the dead-links and update the wrong ones. Drop me a comment if you wanna be on my blogroll and aren't already there! ;-)


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