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Friday, July 04, 2003

Reaching Through the Net to Touch
Researchers at the University at Buffalo, New York, announced last week they have developed a system that lets one person experience the sense of touch felt by another. They said they could transmit the sensation across the Internet.

In about five years, people may use the system to feel the force and pressure Tiger Woods experiences every time he wallops a golf ball. It could be used in e-commerce, enabling buyers to feel fabrics before they buy...
Hmmm... and not just that. Maybe a gentle touch by that special someone too!
What's more, the sensory data can be saved, allowing one sensation to be accessed indefinitely.
So that you can feel that special first touch years later when you are relaxing in your easy-chair with your dentures in a glass of water on the table nearby!! *Heh*

But then... you wouldn't want to use this technology if you are a regular in adult chatrooms!! :-P


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