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Thursday, April 03, 2003

US forces use Daisy Cutters
As American forces encounter stiffer resistance on the road to Baghdad, military commanders say they have been authorised to use still greater firepower.
And by greater firepower, they mean Daisy Cutters. These 15,000 pound hulks are quite dumb. They don't have any precision-guided technology. They're just slid off the ramp from the aircraft flying around 6,000 feet or higher and they use parachutes to float towards their target. Once they explode, an area of several hundred yards is completely obliterated.

If the Cruise missiles are as precise as a surgeon's scalpel, the Daisy Cutters are as subtle as an ironsmith's hammer-blow.

Click here for a good, concise pictorial description of these monsters. Or if you prefer Flash, then click here.


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