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Thursday, March 13, 2003

[Update] The latest shocking news is that 6 bombs have been found and defused at New Delhi Railway Station. Read more here. [/Update]

Another blast rocks Mumbai!! It's almost as if the peace in Mumbai is destined to be punctuated by a bomb blast every couple of months. At around 8:40 PM IST, a bomb blast occured in a crowded Karjat bound local train at the Mulund railway station in Mumbai.

As I am sitting at home listening to the continuous news coverage of this unfortunate event on TV, the body count is rising steadily. When I reached home less than an hour back, the news channels reported that 6 people had been killed. Right now, as I write this post, the count has gone up to 10. Added to this are around 65 people who are injured, some seriously. You can read more about it here.

This blast comes only one day after the 10th anniversary of the blasts that rocked Mumbai leaving 260 people dead.

Moreover, it comes less than three months after the bomb that blasted in a public transport bus in Ghatkopar in Mumbai... and the one that rocked a crowded street in Vile Parle in January this year.

The latest blast looks to have been caused by a crude bomb planted in the first class ladies compartment of the local train. As a result, most of the casualties have been ladies.

Authorities have confirmed that this was a planned terrorist attack and not an accidental explosion.

Three bomb blasts in three months in Mumbai. All of them in non-strategic locations. All of them in places that the people have come to trust. Bus, market and train. All of these point to a planned attack on the psyche of the Mumbaikar... aimed at creating panic and distrust.

The death toll in the blast has risen to 12.

The latest news is that another bomb has been found in Mumbai. This bomb was found in a BEST bus near IIT Mumbai. Details are not known yet.


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