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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Those two ladies are at it again!!

Ashwini and Shanti have come up with yet another gem of an idea. Its called Blog Mela (or so it is called at the moment, at least). It will be a collection of the week's best posts from the Indian blog world. And it'll be hosted by RealWomenOnline.com which is another of their brilliant ideas.

The ladies explain the concept of Blog Mela, thus. "You send in your best posts for the week or You send in a link to a post that you have read on someone else's blog(it has to be an Indian blog though). Your entries have to reach us by tuesday evening IST. The posts will be published on Wednesday morning EST.".

The restriction on submissions for Blog Mela is that the submitted blogs should not be personal posts. All other topics are allowed.

Ashwini adds a threat (oops! ... a warning) "If you don't send in those posts, we are still going ahead with the Mela and we are going to pick the posts ourselves at random. Let it not be said that you were not forewarned. :-)

Well, I'll be looking forward to reading an assortment of best Indian blog-posts on Blog Mela. Who knows, perhaps one day this good-for-nothing scribbler might be published there! ;-) :-p


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