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Monday, January 27, 2003

Ok... the results for the Supersam's Challenge are out... ;-)

First, we'll take a look at the answers and then take a look at the scores.

1. Lets start with a swig of alcohol to warm you up. Which alcoholic beverage is derived from Scottish Gaelic 'Uisge beatha' which incidentally means 'the water of life'?
Ans: Whisky

2. With which athletic sport would you associate the "Fosbury Flop" or the "straddle"?
Ans: The High Jump

3. Where would you find 'the lovers', 'the chariot', 'justice', 'the wheel of fortune', 'the hanged man', 'death', 'temperance', 'the devil' and 'the tower'?
Ans: Tarot Cards

4. If a ballerina is a female ballet dancer, then what do you call a male ballet dancer?
Ans: A Danseur

5. According to the Bible (The Old Testament), what was the first command of God?
Ans: Let there be light!

6. In the story, 'Beauty and the Beast', what caused the Beast to turn back into a prince?
Ans: Beauty's love for the Beast

7. Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man are the alter egoes of which comic strip character?
Ans: Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes

8. There are forty-three trillion wrong ways to arrange what?
Ans: The Rubik's Cube

9. In which film did Marilyn Monroe's dress billow up over the subway vent?
Ans: The Seven Year Itch

10. Made from the dried stamens of the cultivated crocus flower, what is the most expensive cooking spice?
Ans: Saffron

Now for the scores...

Bungler : 7/10
Maltesh : 4/10
Ashwini : 7/10
Shuchita : 5/10

So, there you have it... Bungler and Ashwini are the winners!! Congratulations!! :-)


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