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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Think you can crack this one? Take this quiz and see if you can crack it. C'mon, take Supersam's challenge!! ... and no Googling, mind u!! :)

1. Lets start with a swig of alcohol to warm you up. Which alcoholic beverage is derived from Scottish Gaelic 'Uisge beatha' which incidentally means 'the water of life'?

2. With which athletic sport would you associate the "Fosbury Flop" or the "straddle"?

3. Where would you find 'the lovers', 'the chariot', 'justice', 'the wheel of fortune', 'the hanged man', 'death', 'temperance', 'the devil' and 'the tower'?

4. If a ballerina is a female ballet dancer, then what do you call a male ballet dancer?

5. According to the Bible (The Old Testament), what was the first command of God?

6. In the story, 'Beauty and the Beast', what caused the Beast to turn back into a prince?

7. Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man are the alter egoes of which comic strip character?

8. There are forty-three trillion wrong ways to arrange what?

9. In which film did Marilyn Monroe's dress billow up over the subway vent?

10. Made from the dried stamens of the cultivated crocus flower, what is the most expensive cooking spice?

You can send me the answers by email. For those who don't know my email-id, just ask! ;-)


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