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Monday, January 20, 2003

Just came across this story. Got it in a mail. Found it mildly interesting. Maybe Gaurav who's in Lucknow, can verify! ;-)

So, here it is...

Love is known to make people do the unthinkable but few except the Zoo authorities in Lucknow could have imagined it doing the same for an 800 pound elephant.

Thanks to a "love therapy" used by local officials, Sumit, Lucknow city's most rowdy elephant, is well on his way to become its most well behaved.

The 10-year-old pachyderm had, since his inception into the zoo in 1994, displayed excessive moodiness and refused to be tamed. Things
took a turn for the worse when Sumit entered adolescence, his violent fits increased and zoo officials were often forced to run for cover.

Kishan, Sumit's mahout, recalls a recent incident when Sumit attacked him and other officials. "The elephant went berserk and started attacking us. We tried to tie him up but he was too violent, we had to run," said Kishan.

Perturbed by his constant mood swings and tired of trying conventional measures, the zoo authorities then introduced "Jiamala", a sober pachyderm beauty, into the picture. Much to their relief the move clicked and smitten by the full 670 pound of her, Sumit today is a changed personality. Though still chained he fondly watches over his sweetheart, who is tied right opposite him, as he allows the mahout to scrub him.

Eva Sharma, director, Lucknow Zoo, agrees that Sumit has shown a remarkable improvement in his behaviour but adds that he will have to be chained for some more time as a precautionary measure.

"Right now he (Sumit) is looking very normal and calm. We gave him a good bath today and he was very obliging, he also allowed himself to be chained without any hassles. He was fully cooperative, but we will still keep Sumit in chains as a matter of precaution. Our mahouts will
make sure that he gets his daily walk within the Zoo premises," she said.

Sumit will stay under observation for another two weeks before he is allowed a full 24-hour stay with his sweetheart.

Hmmmmm! :-)


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