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Monday, January 13, 2003

Now surf four times faster with a new wonder browser created by a 16 year old young scientist. A computer browser that is said to least quadruple surfing speeds on the Internet has won the top prize at an Irish exhibition for young scientists, it was announced on Saturday. Adnan Osmani, 16, a student at Saint Finian's College in Mullingar, central Ireland spent 18 months writing 780,000 lines of computer code to develop the browser. Known as "XWEBS", the system works with an ordinary Internet connection using a 56K modem on a normal telephone line.

Adnan states that the browser features built-in access to 120 Internet search engines, a variety of music and video players including a DVD player and a talking figure, Phoebe who can read out web-pages. You can read more about this story here

Hmmmm!! ... first of all 780,000 lines of code in 18 months comes around to 1500 lines per day... something of a wonder in itself! Secondly... if the browser features all these goodies, it has to be super bulky! So, there are sceptics aplenty... and with good reason too!
[via Slashdot]


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