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Friday, July 23, 2004


The Sept 11 panel confirms what everyone has known forever - that Pakistan has had close links with Osama Bin Laden.

But the panel, quite puzzlingly, goes on to recommend long-term military and other aid to Pakistan, inspite of its tendency to get cozy with the terrorists!!

The panel blames Pakistan's links with Osama on the endemic poverty in the country...
"Pakistan's endemic poverty, widespread corruption, and often ineffective government create opportunities for Islamist recruitment...Millions of families, especially those with little money, send their children to religious schools or madrassas. Many of these schools are the only opportunity available for an education, but some have been used as incubators for violent extremism,"
Oh thats just great, isn't it?! When it comes to Pakistan, its the poverty that drives them to terrorism. When it comes to other countries, its their fundamentalist Islamic ideologies! Talk about having different standards for different people!! :-|

Don't these people realize that even though Musharraf seems to be rooting out the terrorists (mind you, only the ones that are hurting the US!), the army wields trememdous power in Pakistani politics. And it is this army that controls the ISI and its shady going-ons. So in giving military aid to Pakistan, the US is, in the long term, funding terrorism against itself!!

Ironic... yes! Stupid... yes! Bush... of course!!


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