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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The George who cried wolf!

One of main justifications for the war against Iraq was supposed to be the links between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Time and time again, all the top officials in the Bush administration had claimed that there was 'overwhelming' proof that there were extensive ties between Saddam Hussein and Osama's terror organization, Al Qaeda.
But the Sept. 11 commission (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States) concluded that it found no 'collaborative relationship' between Iraq and Al Qaeda.
Now, rumblings are starting to increase, about the alleged links between Iran and Al Qaeda. Evidence of these purported links has been uncovered by the same Sept. 11 commission. The evidence suggests that

eight and ten of the 14 "muscle" hijackers—that is, those involved in gaining control of the four 9/11 aircraft and subduing the crew and passengers—passed through Iran in the period from October 2000 to February 2001.
At the same time, the commission has not found any evidence to suggest that Iran knew about the Al Qaeda plans to carry out the 9/11 attacks.
George W. Bush has meanwhile asserted that US is actively investigating ties between the Iranian government and Al Qaeda.
Mr. Bush noted in a brief Oval Office meeting with reporters that the Central Intelligence Agency had found "no direct connection between Iran and the attacks of Sept.11," but he said "We will continue to look and see if the Iranians were involved."
Iran, on the other hand, claims that it has dismantled the Al Qaeda network in the country - a claim that has not really been validated with any evidence from the Iranians.
While Iran may have passively assisted the Al Qaeda operatives in their endeavours, it remains to be seen if the US can prove its claims of the seemingly tenuous links between Iran and Osama's terror network. After all, the shrill voices that bayed vociferously, claiming Iraq's links with Al Qaeda have now had to eat a humble pie! It remains to be seen if there is any substance in the US claims or is it just another case of Bush crying 'wolf!'
And all the while, with Pakistani forces hunting Al Qaeda operatives all across the country, the US continues to turn a blind eye to the obvious links between Pakistan and Al Qaeda!


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