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Friday, October 03, 2003

Since when have the police become sticklers to high court orders?!

Police have asked Shiv Sena not to use loudspeakers at their annual Dussera rally.. Now, I fail to understand how the police expect a massive rally to be held without the use of loudspeakers. Every year, tens of thousands of people turn up at Shivaji Park for the annual Dussera rally by Shiv Sena. This rally is used by the Sena to talk about party policies and future plans. And this has been an annual feature for the past 38 years. I wonder how the police expect the speakers to address the huge crowd without loudspeakers.
As per the court order, the use of loudspeakers is prohibited within 100 metres of a place of worship. The venue of the rally - Shivaji Park in central Mumbai - falls within the 100 metre periphery of a Ganesh temple.
The temple that is being referred to here is the Udyan Ganesh temple which lies at the periphery of the ground. Knowing the temple and the ground, I'm certain that this police activism is purely poilitically motivated!!


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