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Friday, May 30, 2003

In quotes : Reasons for the Iraq war
US and UK leaders floated many reasons for the war on Iraq before it began, from Saddam Hussein's oppression of the Iraqi people to his refusal to release prisoners of war he was said to be holding.
But Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction - in defiance of United Nations resolutions - was among the most frequently mentioned.

Now one of the leading proponents of the war, US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, has said that while there were many reasons to go to war, the Bush administration chose to focus on weapons of mass destruction because it was the one issue behind which all factions could unite.
But we already knew that didn't we?! ;-)

This article also gives a selection of reasons, for the military action in Iraq, put forth by various people at various times starting from September last year. It makes for an interesting reading!!
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