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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Rock the Vote releases new song by Lenny Kravitz "We want Peace"
Rock the Vote and Lenny Kravitz announced a new song by Kravitz called "We Want Peace," which is available exclusively at Rock the Vote's website, http://www.rockthevote.org.

The song, which says, "There won't be peace if we don't try" is an urgent call from Kravitz for America to be a peaceful leader in the world. Kravitz wrote the song and performed it with Kazem Al Sahir, Iraq’s #1 pop music artist, who is better known as Iraq’s Diplomatic Ambassador to the world and hailed as a true legend of Arabic Music. In addition, the song features Palestinian musician Simon Shaheen on the 'oud and violins and Lebanese artist Jamey Haddad’s on djembe and tambourines.

[song download available on the main page of Rock The Vote]
Nice gesture, don't you think? And yeah, the song's not bad either!!


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