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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

India ranked 37th in networked readiness. According to a news article on Rediff, among the 82 countries that were assessed by the World Economic Forum for the "state of their information technology system and its effects on economic growth and productivity", India was placed at the 37th position. Not bad! ... especially considering the huge size of the country and the low levels of telecom and PC penetration.

Finland was ranked at the first place because of the high technology usage by its citizens, businesses and the government. It was followed by United States and Singapore.

Among other significant positions, Germany is in the 10th spot, Israel in the 12th spot and Estonia is in the 24th place. The African nation of Tunisia is ranked higher than India at the 37th place!

And for all the brouhaha over the Chinese threat to India in the IT sector, China is ranked much lower than India at the 43rd position!


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