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Monday, February 17, 2003

Bollywood told to stub it out
The World Health Organisation has accused the Bollywood film industry of encouraging teenagers to smoke by increasing the amount of smoking shown on screen.

In a report to be released on Tuesday in Geneva, the organisation also said it used to be mostly bad guys who smoked. But now more than half of Bollywood heroes were also shown lighting up in films.

The United Nations' health body studied Bollywood films released in the last 10 years.
Well... I guess this is all that United Nations will continue doing, once its existence is rendered redundant by certain member countries.
It is estimated that 15 million people a day watch Bollywood films, either at the cinema or on television. Many see the stars as a leading cultural influence.
The health organisation is now calling on Bollywood to end on-screen smoking altogether.
Gee! ... and they say Shiv Sena talks too much about cultural influence/invasion, banning and stuff like that!!

But I agree with one thing... down with smoking!! ... at least in public places!

Amrita says Hi to everybody, from Chandigarh. She's on an industrial trip and is stuck with a slow PC and a slower net connection. But it seems she's living it up... she's enjoyed chai from a matki in Mathura and a sexy tandoori in Chandigarh. And she's looking forward to the fresh snow thats reported to have fallen in Kufri! :-)


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