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Friday, July 09, 2004

The Curious Case of the Missing Bush Records

Once there was a president. He served in the Air Force. Or did he?! Nobody knew for sure. The president said "I did!". Others said "But you went AWOL!". And thus they fought... on and on and on...

Then someone had a bright idea! "Why not check the service records?!", he said. "Yes, why not?!", others said brightly!!

And off they went to the archives to dig up dirt on the big bad Prez.

The guards at the archives shouted... "Shoo!!! ... go away, there are no such records here. We lost 'em!! So scat!!"

Everyone was surprised. "Hard luck!", they said... and went back home cursing their luck.

The president heaved a sigh of relief. He slept well that night. The last thoughts in his head before drifting off to sleep were... "If the tail was smarter, it would wag the dog."

[Link via Metafilter. NYTimes registration required. Click here for registration-less link]


Blogger Une Femme Folle said...

so are we anti-Bush or simply anti-AWOL? :)

well, if this is true, he is no better than Clinton when it comes to lies.

6:07 PM

Blogger Sameer said...

you'd know i'm anti-what if you would've been following my blog for more than you have :-)

the Bush regime is full of lies and plain old foolishness. clinton cannot stand in comparison with him!

1:00 AM

Blogger boabhan sith said...

Yeah, but Clinton couldn't even admit he inhailed some weed. Everyone knew about the Coke the Bush did. OH, well...I don't like any of them much. Stupid government!

1:16 AM

Blogger Une Femme Folle said...

er, since I havent been, can you spill the beans and tell me what gets you mad? :)

7:00 PM

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