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Saturday, December 21, 2002

I'll be back...

The hiatus bug travels around the world and returns to roost here. Why it chose this blog, I do not know. But arrive it did, quietly!... and somehow I'm thankful it did.

Assurances first! (for those who care enough for them, anyways!) This is not a notice for my blog to R.I.P.. This is neither an indication of my dis-enchantment with blogging or a sign of exhaustion of my enthusiasm for blogging!

I'm going off on a hiatus for the remainder of this year. The activity, though, will continue in the background as major changes are effected here.

I'll be back!
(pretend that you heard that sentence in the best imitation of Arnold Scwarzenegger in The Terminator and not like the way I sounded while saying it, which was like Darth Vader, thanks to my cold!)


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